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About Us

About Us

Rokunstore is an online store for buying equipment for recording studio and all sorts of audio equipment in cheap and affordable prices. Rokunstore is the perfect place if you are looking for audio equipment of any kind just order from us and we will deliver it to you


To provide customers with the best audio equipment and the best shopping experience possible


We provide different items in several Brands such as audio digital recorders, intercoms, high quality microphones, public address music equipment, stands and studio and recording equipment. We have audio interfaces, digital mixers, effect and signal processors, Headphone amplifier and studio headphone, mics and monitors. We have amazing intercoms such as door entry system and nurse call system. We provide public address equipment such as active monitors and speakers, powered mixers, stomp boxes and power amplifiers. Our public address Accessories include such as graphic equalizer, speaker stand, computer audio interface, footswitch and remote control, high power headphones distribution amplifier, output distribution splitter, microphone modeling preamp and a high end speaker and headphone monitoring. We have more than 500 different public address music equipment that you can choose and buy from us at an affordable price. The stomp boxes we offer are behringer’s digital stereo multi effects and digital reverb/delay effects pedal and a behringer’s phaser and ultra-chorus effects pedal. We have a wide range of different microphones such as condenser microphones and USB wireless microphone USB and wireless microphones. We also have a wide range of effect and signal processors and audio interfaces.

Why Choose Us

Our customers are the number one priority and we make sure that the clients receives their order fast and safely