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Samson DB1500A self-powered subwoofer


Samson DB1500A self-powered subwoofer
Samson DB1500A self-powered subwoofer
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  • Model: DB1500A

The dB1500a is a self-powered subwoofer featuring a heavy-duty 15" low frequency driver with butyl surround, complemented by a 1000 Watt power amplifier. The dB1500a provides an active stereo crossover with high-passed output for running your satellite speakers. Constructed of solid 3/4 inch plywood, with steel corners, tough carpet covering and large casters. The sub-woofer features large metal grab handles and a 35mm pole mount receptacle. In fixed installation systems, the dB1500a provides super tight low frequency output in a relatively small, unobtrusive enclosure. Perfect for any sound reinforcement system where low-end is desired.

  • Heavy-duty, 15-inch Low Frequency Transducer
  • Built-in Amplifier Delivers 1000 watts of Program Power
  • Variable Stereo Crossover with Balanced High Pass Outputs for Satellite Speakers
  • Heavy-Duty, Rear Mounted Casters
  • Extra Large Grab handles and 35mm Pole mount receptacle
  • 3/4" Internally braced, plywood construction
  • Covered in tough carpet, with steel corners

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