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Behringer CS100 Compressor Sustainer


Behringer CS100 Compressor Sustainer
Behringer CS100 Compressor Sustainer
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The Compressor/Sustainer CS100 pedal enhances the overall tone of your guitar to maintain smooth sound output. With built-in attack control, this Behringer compressor pedal manages how fast the compressor reacts to increasing signal level modifications. The tone control of this Behringer guitar effect pedal reimburses for treble loss, it ensures there is no treble cut applied to the signal. Integrated with sustain control, this Behringer compressor pedal determines the sustain time. With level control, this Behringer guitar effect pedal amends the volume balance between the effect and normal signals. Equipped with first-class electronic on/off switch, the Compressor/Sustainer CS100 pedal assures quite, noise-free operations

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